Toasted Muesli

Our muesli is hand crafted from whole grains, nuts and seeds with a sprinkle of dates and organic raisins.

The blend is toasted with cinnamon, organic maple syrup and a little local honey to create a wholesome breakfast option for the whole family. Our muesli’s aroma will captivate your senses and get your tastebuds firing!

Available in 1 kilo or 500g bags (packaging is compostable)

Aussie Bush Dukkah

Hand milled from locally grown macadamia nuts, toasted spices and beautiful lemon myrtle picked from our garden. Aussie Bush Dukkah is a versatile staple for your pantry. Roast your favourite vegetables with a liberal sprinkling of this Dukkah, coat your fish, chicken or lamb before roasting, add to your favourite salads or simply enjoy this fresh dukkah blend with your favourite crusty bread and olive oil.
Sold in 100g pouches

RU Crackers ? (Rosemary & Olive, Cheese & Onion, Spicy and Totally Seedy)

Our savoury artisan cracker range are handcrafted and made with whole wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil and other carefully selected spices and natural flavours.

Perfect to accompany your cheese platter, compliment your favourite dips or ready to eat by the handfull!

Cinnamon Infused Date Butter

A heavenly smooth blend of dates, purified water and cinnamon. Simple but amazing, this natural alternative sweetener is low in sugar and high in fibre. Partner it with your porridge in the winter months, spread it over your toast, pancakes or banana bread, or combine it with our Choc-a-Cino Blend for lunchbox or after school treats.

Choc-a-cino blend

This blend of oats, coconut and organic cacao deliver you a versatile breakfast, snack, dessert or anytime food that is very low in salt and sugar with no nasty additives. Perfect for your children, diabetics or anyone seeking a tasty nutritious breakfast option. With our Choc-a-Cino Blend you can create delicious smoothies to keep you going all day, a quick breakfast pudding or late night dessert or healthy bites for lunchbox fillers or afternoon pick me up!

With our Choc-a-cino blend you are only limited by your imagination, create tasty and wholesome meals within minutes using 3 ingredients. Try blending it with my Cinnamon Infused Date Butter for an amazing flavour!

Forget the Up&Go, give your kids a Choc-a-Cino and feel comfortable that you know what is going into their growing bodies.

Seasonal Preserves

Tomato Chilli Jam

A delicious Asian inspired condiment, with a little heat balanced with sweetness and spice.

Nana’s Tomato Relish

This family recipe never fails to impress, pair it with a sharp cheddar, top your favourite burger or put lashings on your Christmas ham!

Quince Paste

The perfect partner for your cheese board, this seasonal paste is only available while stocks last, then we all have to wait for the next harvest!