Current offerings

Belles Kitchen offers a range of products that are all hand-crafted in small batches with a focus on healthy, delicious food for you and your family. Real food, with ingredients sourced locally where possible, no additives or nasties added.

The local farmers markets have provided a great way to introduce our range and enable us to build strong relationships with the local farmers and other amazing artisans in our area. The land is fertile the people are passionate and the vibe is community, what more could we ask for.

The dream

Food, it has always been an important part of Bel’s passion and place in the world. Bridging gaps and bringing  people and traditions together, food has the ability to relax and allow us to move beyond our differences.

It enables creativity, connection to our environment and delivers the power to nourish our bodies for health and vitality. These gifts are available to everyone, we have just lost the old wisdoms and knowledge of how to draw on the beautiful, seasonal, bountiful produce turning it into tasty, nutritious meals to share.

I know some find the kitchen a place of dread and often fear, but you can work with your tastebuds and budget to create real food for your families without worrying about it looking like the picture, or having to buy all the fancy, expensive ingredients. Relax, experiment and  take the power of health back. Not every creation will be a success, but it’s not the end of the world just enjoy the journey!

Home-cooked food is a meaningful way of delivering health and nutrition to your family, nurturing their bodies and guiding and supporting a return to health in times of illness.  Your body has an amazing resilience and ability to heal itself just give it the fuel it needs and let it work for you.

We have a passion for bringing health to all, but especially our children. With the growth and introduction of children into your life also comes a big responsibility to provide the best opportunities for these little ones to thrive, and become strong, healthy individuals.

The easiest way to ensure the best start is to get involved.  Once you realise the things our bodies could be exposed to by eating highly processed and industrialised food, the more you understand that the old ways, with simple living, real food and a connection to our seasons, and natures gifts is a path we have all drifted much too far from.

Our kids rely on us to provide them with their best possible start to life, you can do this by connecting with the skills to prepare healthy, delicious food filled with your love and care. You can do it on a budget, with a job and other competing interests, just keep it simple and real.

We want to show everyone that there is a better way, and the power is in your hands. Yes it takes a bit more effort but the average person can do it, and what a difference you can make to the way you, your children and family grow and thrive.

I know organic is best, but if you can’t afford that then making it yourself is an amazing improvement on the highly processed off the shelf option. Lets start with small steps and make a difference on a small scale, your scale.

So from one parent to another who works, pays a mortgage, has 2 kids, chooks and a couple of dogs, grass that needs mowing and things that need fixing. You can still feed your family tasty, real and nutritious food, and make a real difference to the health and vitality of your family.

It doesn’t have to be Masterchef, if just has to be real and from the heart.

We hope to partner with you soon to help you to reconnect to the skills you need to make this a reality.